The Etho Protocol teams have had some extremely busy moments in the last 72 hours due to the listing on KuCoin but overall the event was really successful — although not without a little drama. Let us go back a couple of months…


After our successful listing on in late 2020, it was clear that the next step in project evolution needed to be the push for a top tier or top 10 exchange. Now with the alt-season in full bloom you can imagine that exchanges are not just waiting around for projects to list with them — especially…

The Etho Protocol is a completely independent blockchain that is fully EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible utilizing an Ethash proof-of-work consensus model. Being fully EVM compatible allows for tokens to be deployed on blockchain just like many do on the Ethereum Network (ie erc20 and erc721). Several tokens have actually already been deployed on The Etho Protocol blockchain as you can see on the token tracker from The Etho Protocol Explorer (below).

Knowledge is power, people say, and we want to provide power to you by providing data about Etho Protocol at your fingertips as transparency is our virtue. Welcome to the Etho Protocol informational and statistical dashboards at

Etho Protocol Financials

Financials are important so let us start with a look at the financial page:

Deploying Etho Protocol Upload Gateways

Uploading data and interacting with the Etho Protocol network has just taken a major step forward in usability with the newest release of the ethofs-sdk and the simplification of deploying local Etho Protocol IPFS Upload Gateways which are now being called Etho Business Nodes.

Why Are Etho Protocol Business Nodes Needed?

Needing to rely on public gateways like and creates a possible point of failure. Many public gateways implement upload limits ( only allows 100mb per file upload) and also create centralized failure points. …

I am writing this article as deploying blockscout turned out to be more complicated than I thought for our Etho Protocol project I am engaged in. Etho Protocol is an EVM blockchain with IPFS capability and more about the project can be found here on medium: and on the project website:

Blockscout is a robust explorer for EVM chains and it has been deployed on several other blockchains(ETC, POA, etc)

It works — does it?

Deploying blockscout in docker seems to be fairly easy. Spinning up a VPS with 6 cores, 200GB SSD and 8Gbps was thought to be good enough. …

Working in a blockchain project is like being in a startup. ETHO is no exception to this. The Etho Protocol team consists of the following 3 teams:

The Etho.Black team is responsible for all core development and many ancillary projects/tasks; primarily focused on functionality, usability and network maintenance.

Etho Protocol

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