The outlook for the Etho Protocol storage solution

3 min readFeb 11, 2023


After spending the last 6 months in the design department, the Etho Protocol storage product is getting ready for primetime. A complete redesign of storage contracts, significant upgrades to IPFS, top-notch encryption will make the platform called Etho Protocol IPFS Cloud (EPIC) a serious candidate for enterprise and consumer use cases.

Store and forget

A lot of data is actually bound to be stored for a certain amount of time. If you think about tax information, company results, custom declarations, exam copies, and insurance contracts, all of this data has one thing in common: they need to be stored for compliance reasons for a certain amount of time. EPIC is just made for this. You can store data on EPIC and it is managed by the blockchain. Delete data after 8 years, prolong data for additional 4 years, and transfer data to someone else: all these are prime virtues of the blockchain and an independent custodian for compliance data. All data can be encrypted using the private key of the blockchain wallet owner. To have encryption or not is natively supported by our SDK.

In order to manage data programmatically, The team behind Etho Protocol provides an SDK to automate data handling, so that others can develop solutions on it.

Share and forget

Let us take another example: You can use EPIC as your private cloud. With encryption, files can be stored readable only by you. OR why not share a file for a week publicly and then make it disappear? All this can be combined with other blockchain contracts. As ETHO Protocol is a Solidity-compliant blockchain you can combine this with DEFI or other contracts. Combining the EPIC storage capabilities with NFTs? No problem, as data ownership is transferable.

A lot of tech under the hood

As data will be stored on the IPFS cloud anyone can basically see the content, for companies but also private use cases we have added state-of-the-art encryption. As we will allow for variable replication (yes data is not stored only at one place, but propagated through the network) it provides adaptive redundancy and also censorship resistance. And the best: you are in control of your data. No company can peek into it.


We are super excited about the limitless possibilities of EPIC storage cloud and Etho Protocol as blockchain, all in one. But of course, you can use our storage product alone with other blockchains.

The coming upload portal allows storing files and/or directories and storing them on EPIC with encryption, replication, and storage for up to 10 years.

So where do we go from here? Conceptional everything is in place. In February 2023 we will go into an intensive test phase on our test net test network. In March/April a network upgrade will be done for the entire Etho node network and the first customers planning to onboard.

We will provide more information in the next 3months including releasing documentation, the SDK, an upload portal, a social faucet, and other items.




Etho Protocol is a Ethereum based storage solution, providing decentralized IPFS storage with full EVM compatibility