The 6 pillars of Etho Protocol

Etho Protocol is a blockchain that offers EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) and IPFS integration along with storage and hosting capabilities. So what does Etho Protocol have to offer you?

Let’s talk about the six major major use cases (“Pillars”):

Pillar #1 Hosting / The Hosting Customer

If you want to store or share data reliably, you might be interested in our hosting solutions. With Etho Protocol, you can upload, deploy and store data. At the time of this writing, you can pay in ETHO (the native coin for the Etho Protocol Blockchain), but FIAT gateways will soon be integrated. ETHO can be acquired from exchanges, swaps, bridges, or mined.

Get Started with Hosting: visit to explore our direct hosting capabilities, or check out the ethoFS SDK to programmatically automate and control file management on ethoFS.

Etho Protocol exposes its functionality via commercial APIs. This means you can build an application on top of our commercial-grade APIs and we’re able to provide the hosting platform for complete deployment of your application. Two such examples are and is a pinning service. With Pinable, you can easily upload all kinds of data. Using a freemium model, they have been able to simplify storing and retrieving data on the IPFS implementation through Etho Protocol. They have facilitated the Etho protocol SDK, which takes care of the storage handling, so they can focus on the design, interfacing, and business model creation. You can think of Etho Protocol as a highway, and channel partners as the vehicle manufacturers: we built the street, and Pinable built the car. Try them out on is a socially conscious NFT Marketplace for artists and collectors to authenticate their art, find copycats online, and buy, sell, or license them through their copyright as Copyright-Enabled NFTs (ceNFTs)™ while complying with international law. solves the NFT Permanence Problem and hosts metadata and multimedia files through a Decentralized, Resilient File Hosting Protocol (Etho Protocol and Flux partnerships). Learn more at

Pillar #2 Channel Partnerships / The Channel Partner

Channel partners are repackaging Etho Protocol and offering it to their customers. If you have a business idea or commercial application, you can build an application on top of our commercial-grade APIs. Our business development team is highly committed to fostering this opportunity to provide you with support to utilize our technology.

Get Started with Channel Partnerships: contact our head of business development,

Pillar #3 Development / The Developer

Etho protocol has an SDK that is freely available and maintained in a backward-compatible way. You can build solutions based on the ETHO IPFS, be it to build a messaging system, a database, a publishing tool, or a dropbox. You will be able to view use-case example videos on our YouTube channel. If you are interested in working with us, please contact our developer relations department.

Get Started with Developing: contact our head of developer relations,

Pillar #4 Mining / The Miner

Our network is currently secured by proof of work, which means that you as a miner or hobbyist can mine ETHO and contribute to the blockchain. Currently, the network operates at 10+GH/s with several pools contributing. Etho protocol uses Ethash Algorithm, so you can mine with graphic cards and standard mining software.

Get Started with Mining: See our documentation, join our Discord community, or reach out to

Pillar #5 Staking / The Node Operator

Etho protocol provides IPFS capabilities via a node network. You can be one of our many individual node owners who get a daily reward currently at around 8–10%. Nodes require a certain amount of ETHO to be deposited as a stake, based on what node tier you select. Check out for more information. Or you can lend/borrow ETHO on our Staking Platform and split the rewards with node operators at

Get Started with Nodes: See our documentation, join our Discord community, or reach out to

Pillar #6 Trading / The Trader

ETHO is traded on several large exchanges including Kucoin, Probit, and STEX. As a trader, you can buy and sell ETHO at any time. The previous year’s value ranged from less than $0.002 to over $0.30, with increasingly healthy volume and liquidity.

Start trading ETHO:

If you want list ETHO as a coin on your exchange please contact


Etho Protocol has a solid foundation and a very active team to push the boundaries in all directions. If you are interested in engaging with our project, visit our website, or join our Twitter, Telegram channel, Discord server. See you soon.

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