Pine is fine too to build the decentralised internet

  • A Pine64 with SD card
  • An internet connection
  • Some ETHO to stake
  • A gateway node requires at least a Rock 64 with 4GB of memory, with a 128GB SD card, and requires 30k ETHO for staking
  • A master node requires at least a Rock 64 / Pine A64 with 2GB of memory with a 64GB SD card, requires 15k ETHO for staking
  • A service node requires at least a Rock64 / Pine A64 with 1GB of memory with a 32GB SD card, requires 5k ETHO for staking gives a good overview

Pine 64 surrection

ip a
ssh root@
chmod u+x
ssh root@
If everything goes well, we finalise with following log
sudo reboot
ssh ether1node@

Node install next

  • Gateway nodes, requiring staking of 30k ETHO
  • Master nodes, requiring staking of 15k ETHO
  • Service nodes, requiring staking of 5k ETHO

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Etho Protocol is a Ethereum based storage solution, providing decentralized IPFS storage with full EVM compatibility