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Knowledge is power, people say, and we want to provide power to you by providing data about Etho Protocol at your fingertips as transparency is our virtue. Welcome to the Etho Protocol informational and statistical dashboards at

Etho Protocol Financials

Financials are important so let us start with a look at the financial page:

The first row provides basic data about blockchain statistics with block height and coins in circulation. Etho Protocol is not supply limited, but we are slowly moving to a 3.67% per year inflation target so a majority of coins have already minted. The market cap is calculated by the cost per coin multiplied with the current circulating supply. The market cap graph show market cap statistics over time, in hours, for the last 24hrs, 7 days or 30 days.

On the right, the market cap compared to other coins is shown. We compare it with the market cap of coins with similarities to Etho Protocol, like Filecoin, Sia Coin and Storj. The Etho Protocol market cap is almost not visible in size compared to other coins shown so we believe that there is a huge potential for growth!

On the 2nd half of the page we can see the price and supplies of the different coins as well. Check out the supply of Filecoin; it is very similar to Etho Protocol circulating supply and again it highlights some of our potential for growth.

Etho Protocol Node Dashboard

Etho Protocol provides IPFS pinning and data services utilizing solidity smart contracts. The Etho Protocol decentralized data network is made of of different node types providing resources to the network. These node types include Gateway Nodes, Masternodes and Service Nodes. Each of the nodes require a collateral amount to be put up during deployment and in return the node operator receives a reward payment daily for contributing to the network. The daily reward payment is variable and consists of a block reward and a data hosting revenue share payment. Over time the block reward payment will get smaller and the data hosting payment will increase as network usage increases. Let us look at some of the associated data:

The first row of data shows the number of Gateway Nodes, Masternodes and Service Nodes and the reward amount operators are receiving as well as the total locked collateral for all nodes.

A very interesting indicator is the number of available storage contracts. In the last few days/weeks the number has been significantly increasing which is a very good indicator of growing network usage and adoption!

We are also tracking the data hosting revenue for node owners. Below You can see signs of the increased usage and adoption via reward increases:

Etho Protocol Exchanges

ETHO is traded on several exchanges: Probit, Stex, Graviex and Mercatox are several of the top exchanges currently being utilized. Another great metric to follow below is to watch if large amounts of ETHO are moved in or out of an exchange.

The first row shows the total number of coins held on an exchange and the percentage compared to the overall supply. Followed by the next row showing the exchange distribution. Lastly, we track exchange inflow or outflow in percentages. Red shows the outflow and green shows the inflow on an hourly basis.

A 24hrs overview look is also available showing the coins kept in exchange wallets.

Below you can see percentage changes of those wallets over a 24 hour period.

More Data to Explore …

There is much more data to explore so just head on over to explore the different sections of data at We will also continue to offer more insight and additional data/metrics in the future which may be used to signal users when anything significant happens or changes.

You can help us by sharing some of this info/data via screenshots and other methods with your friends and other crypto enthusiasts. We would love to see more people use these metrics and help us provide additional insight to users which ultimately helps us build our userbase and excitement for the future!

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