Alpha Wallet: A mobile wallet for Etho Protocol for iOS and Android

Onboarding ETHO

Let us take the iOS version as an example. We head to the Apple app store and search for the Alpha Wallet. They have a fairly new compiled version available with the latest updates.

Step 1: Adding the ETHO network

Let us start rolling and fire up the freshly download Alpha Wallet. First we are asked to either import an existing wallet or to start a new wallet. WE go for the latter one.

Left: Alpha wallet after opening, Right: Selection of networks
Left: ETH has been added , next we go via Settings to Select Active Networks
Left: Select the plus to add ETHO, Right: Etner the RPC network by the form
Etho in the house!

Step 2: Receiving ETHO

Well, I actually had some 0.5 ETHO in the wallet, so let us get some more. Let us transfer some ETHO from Metamask to Alpha wallet. Open in Metamask the account you want to send ETHO from and then enable the QR code scanning.

Step 3: Sending ETHO

Now we move some ETHO from Alpha Wallet. Remember we had now 1.5 ETHO in the wallet.

Left: We start from the ETHO wallet account and start the send button. Right: That opens the “Send ETHO” form. Press the scan button to scan the Metamask address.
Left: the confirmation, Right: No worries the transfer is on the ETHO main network…


Alpha wallet is a great app with a lot of features and we scratch here only on the surface. More is to come as alpha wallet is supporting NFTs, ENS and other features. It has all the Apple features like FaceID and is working with ETHO like a charm.



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